There’s always a way back home

Burn is a forthcoming musical by Mason Emmert and Patrick Deane Greeley, set in a bar in backwoods Northern California with an eclectic folk/country score.

When Rosie and Natasha, two musicians from the east coast, set out on a journey to start their music careers, the last thing they expect is to get stranded in a run-down bar in California’s Emerald Triangle. But as they start to fall in love with the eclectic patrons, they end up putting their lives on hold to save the bar from development. Just as they’re about to leave at last, a wildfire threatens not just their plans but their newfound community, forcing locals and outsiders alike to decide what home means to them, and what is worth fighting for.

Burn is a musical about the power of home and the families we create in the face of disaster.

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